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Motion Designer based in USA

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Philip Hawken

Motion Designer based in USA

Born in the UK living in USA. Coming from a 2d Graphic Design background, now working as a motion designer and video editor.

Philip Hawken

East Coast, USA


Hello there! My name is Philip Hawken. I am a web designer & developer, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work.


With 10+ years experience as a professional designer, I have acquired the skills to make your project a success.

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My experience

Hello there! My name is Philip Hawken. I am a motion designer & animator, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work.

  • -2016 - Present
    Motion Design
  • -2011 - 2016
    Creative Design Supervisor
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Motion Design

The artful convergence of graphic design and animation, where static visuals come to life in a dynamic and captivating dance of movement. It is a medium that breathes soul into still images, telling stories, conveying emotions, and engaging audiences through the seamless integration of time, space, and aesthetics. In the realm of Motion Design, every frame is a canvas, and every transition is an opportunity to create a visual symphony that not only communicates a message but elevates it to an immersive and memorable experience. It is the magic that transforms designs into living, breathing entities, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer's senses.

Video Editing

Video editing is the alchemy of storytelling in the digital age. It's the meticulous craft of weaving together visual elements, sound, and narrative into a seamless and compelling tapestry. As a video editor, I embrace the power to shape raw footage into an emotive and impactful story, using cuts, transitions, and effects to create a visual rhythm that resonates with audiences. It goes beyond mere technical proficiency; it's an art form where each frame is a brushstroke, and each edit is a stroke of creative expression. With an eye for detail and a passion for precision, I transform ideas into polished narratives, ensuring that every frame serves the overarching vision. In the world of video editing, I find joy in bringing stories to life, frame by frame, edit by edit.


Animation is the enchanting dance between creativity and technology. It's the art of breathing life into static elements, making characters leap off the screen and infusing narratives with dynamic energy. As an animator, I revel in the magic of storytelling through motion, using a palette of frames to convey emotions, actions, and entire worlds. From whimsical characters to mesmerizing visual effects, animation is my medium to create immersive experiences that captivate and resonate. Every frame is a brushstroke, and every sequence is a choreography, allowing me to shape narratives and bring ideas to vibrant, animated reality. In this realm, I find endless joy in the fusion of artistic expression and technical prowess, crafting visual tales that linger in the hearts and minds of audiences.

3D Design

Embarking on a journey into the three-dimensional realm, 3D design is my conduit to sculpting imaginative worlds and tangible concepts. It's the fusion of artistic vision with technical precision, where ideas materialize into spatial dimensions. From modeling intricate structures to orchestrating captivating visualizations, 3D design allows me to transcend the constraints of the two-dimensional canvas. I revel in the meticulous process of crafting lifelike renderings, leveraging software as my artistic instrument to breathe depth and realism into every project. Whether it's architectural marvels, product simulations, or fantastical landscapes, 3D design is my realm of limitless possibilities, where creativity thrives in the rich interplay of form, texture, and light.
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